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Blue enables anyone with a smartphone to discover people and things autonomously, via Bluetooth.

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The Future of Networking
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For a first-time app, it worked flawlessly, no lags or anything of the sort. Has a very clean and easy to use interface as well! This is the future of networking with those around you whether it’s to grow personal relationships or your business.
The Next Big Thing.
@ ZackeryBWard
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This is overall Amazing. Making Networking such a simple task, Discover others using the App, aswell as allow yourself to be discovered! Use the app and watch the networking magic take place. 5 out of 5. Recommend 100%
AMAZING!!! Strongly Recommend
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This app is hands down the way of the future & is changing the way of social networking forever! This is the app our kids kids will be using to connect with people! Thank you for creating the app we’ve always wanted!

Bluetooth Discovery

Blue enables anyone with a smartphone to discover people & things autonomously. Our Auto-Networking™ technology is as simple as turning on Blue and leaving your phone in your pocket.

Our app will automatically interact with other people and things up to 150 feet to ensure you are introduced to those around you, while those around you are being introduced to you. Let’s be social and discover Who’s here?! “It’s not who you know but who knows you”.

Get Paid to Be Social.

Blue introduces a whole new way into Autonomous Bluetooth Payments.

Get paid as soon as you walk
away with from a social interaction
with your phone in pocket!

Our Vision

Our vision is to impact the way we choose to be social by combining the physical and digital social worlds using Blue’s Auto-Networking™ Technology to preserve authentic social interactions in real-time. We help people be social and create closer communities around the globe while working to build a world of friends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the world a tool that promotes authentic social connections and creates lasting relationships in society’s social space whether friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, business relationships etc. Through Blue’s Auto Networking™ Technology we have reinvented the name tag to maximize social opportunity and help local and global communities of all types become stronger communities. Prioritizing the needs of our users first to maximize social opportunity for Everyone, Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime (EEAA!)

Our Values

Our company values fall into three pillars of virtue that ensure the company is always creating unity and bringing together communities in all its development, employees, and company culture.

1. Individuality – Be You. There is only ONE YOU in the whole world. There has never been a you in the past nor will there ever be another you in the future. The value to our users is our 1st priority. We encourage you to express yourself, be of good character, respect the safe space, show your individuality and be proud. Serving needs of our users is the most effective way to maximize the benefits of all our stakeholders.

2. Authenticity – Be Authentic. To encourage others to build authentic relationships founded on trust, integrity and honesty. To embrace individuality and communicate openly. To encourage face to face interaction and let Blue help you connect and break the ice.

3. Maximize Social Opportunity – Be Social. Every day we meet new people, every day a stranger can become a new friend, every day we make acquaintances but life moves too fast. Sometimes we forget to exchange numbers or in these days social networks. Don’t lose out on an opportunity to meet someone new or stay connected when you have Blue. Embrace your connections and make the most of your future. Put on your virtual name tag and Let Blue introduce you to the world of friends around you.a

The Loneliness Epidemic

In the United States, loneliness is currently at epidemic levels. A recent Cigna study of 20,000 U.S. adults found that nearly half of Americans feel like they are alone. Only slightly more than 50 percent of respondents said they had meaningful in-person social interactions on a daily basis, and 50 percent said they sometimes or always feel that their relationships are not meaningful and that they’re isolated from others. A smaller but still surprising number of people (20 percent) said they never or rarely feel close to people, and 18 percent felt like they have no one to talk to.

There is no doubt that loneliness is on the rise. And it affects people of all ages. A survey by AARP, showed that more than 42 million U.S. adults over age 45 suffer from chronic loneliness, while the Cigna study revealed that young people (aged 18-22) are far more likely than senior citizens to report being lonely and in poor health, making them the loneliest generation.

Although people are constantly “connected” through cell phones and social media, loneliness is more of an issue than ever. According to researchers 1 in 5 people suffer from loneliness in the U.S. Oprah says the cure is to put down your smartphone and just say Hello to someone. Saying hello and smiling is easy to do… but for some reason it’s hard for many of us. Which is why we created Blue – Your Digital Name Tag, a mobile app that introduces you up to 150 feet using Bluetooth Low Energy. We believe that reinventing the name tag is our greatest opportunity to maximize social opportunity.

Since many say smartphone’s the problem, we took the problem and made it into a solution by creating a networking tool for you to use to connect with everyone, everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Our goal is to empower people to #BeSocial once they have been introduced through Blue.

Why Bluetooth Low Energy?










We all are well aware about Bluetooth, contrary to that Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) came into existence & its main focus is on low power consumption. It was basically developed for Internet Of Things (IoT). It powers the Intenet Of Your things.With the advent of Bluetooth Smart (BLE or Bluetooth low energy), developers were able to create smaller sensors that run off tiny coin-cell batteries for months, and in some cases, years.


Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless personal area network technology used for transmitting data over short distances. It was basically invented with a great idea of low power consumption & has achieved it in an efficient manner. All Bluetooth enabled smart application can now actually communicate with BLE devices that require comparatively low power such as heart rate monitors, fitness devices, proximity sensors & the list goes on & on.

The importance of Bluetooth lies in fact that it enables thousands of developers to create new innovative products that can communicate with millions of Bluetooth enabled devices already available in the market. It is cost effective, inhibits low energy & has flexible development architecture.


  • The main feature for which it is designed i.e. low power consumption, with this single feature it provides the ability to run for several months on single coin cell batteries.
  • No issue of interoperability among different bluetooth vendor products.
  • It is easy to set up, robust, and reliable in tough environments.
  • Its most common applications are smart home, smart cars, smart health, smart retail, smart sensors, smart farming, smart appliances etc.

Create Your Identity

Beacon marketing is a proximity marketing channel used by businesses to interact and engage with consumers at strategic locations. This communication is triggered by a tiny hardware device known as Bluetooth beacon. These devices transmit location-triggered rich notifications to smartphones nearby.

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