Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Blue Smart Card work?

With the Blue Smart Card you can share all your contact and social information with a simple tap without the other user needing an app. Using the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology we strive to build a more connected world.

How do I set up my profile on my Blue Smart Card?

You will receive instructions with the Blue Smart Card in the mail to login and edit your information you would like to share.

How long does it take for me to receive my Blue Smart Card after I place an order?

Please allow 2-3 days for processing and 3-5 business days for shipping.

Can I order more than one Blue Smart Card?

Yes, you will have to make seperate purchases because we require a unique email to create the profiles to program the Blue Smart Card with. If you’d like the same profiles on all your Blue Smart Cards. Please let us know.

How do I know if my Blue Smart Card is working?

You can test it by sliding it on the back of a compatible smartphone to see if it brings up your Blue profile.

How do I use my Blue Smart Card?

You can use it when networking and meeting other people by simply sliding it on the back of their smartphone. Make sure NFC is enabled on their settings in order for them to scan your card.

What phones are compatible with the Blue Smart Card?

Please view this link for a list of compatible smartphones.

How do you share your Blue profile with phones not compatible?

You can share your Blue profile via text, airdrop, email or on any social network by sharing your Blue Profile link.

How do I edit my Blue profile and the social networks that I want to share?

You can edit your profile by logging in here at You can then add/remove any public information on your profile.

How do I find my Facebook profile link?

Log into Facebook, then click on your name in the upper right part of the screen. Copy the Facebook Profile URL in the address bar of your browser.

How do I find my Linkedin profile link?

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Click View profile then on your profile page, click edit public profile & URL on the right rail. You can copy and paste this link into your Blue profile.

Can I send money with my Blue Smart Card?

Users can add their Venmo, Paypal and more to send & receive payments.

What do I do if my Blue Smart Card is lost or stolen?

Please contact us to notify us about your lost or stolen card.

I forgot my password. How do you reset it?

Please visit and click “forgot password” where you will receive a pin in your email to reset your password.

A different profile shows up when I scan my Card. What do I do?

Make sure to use your email associated with your purchase. As your account is created with that email and programmed to your card. If it’s not your profile at all, please reach out to us for assistance.

Can I change my email associated with my card?

Yes, once you login you can edit your profile and change your email address associated with your account.

Are there any hidden or monthly fees?

No, it’s a one-time purchase for the card. However, we will be introducing premium features with more customization, analytics and more at a monthly subscription. Price TBD.

Can we customize the Blue Smart Card?

Not for single orders. We do customization for enterprises/businesses looking to order 100+ for their employees. Please reach out if interested.

How can we become an affiliate?

We love paying people for spreading the word of the Blue Smart Card. You can earn a 10% commission off each sale at regular price. To join our affiliate program please visit

I haven’t received my order?

If you got an email saying your order has been shipped but you haven’t received it yet. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping. If it’s been longer please reach out as some addresses we receive are invalid and need to be updated, or the card gets lost on the way.